Try Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving LessonsYou aren’t a certified diver, but want to see what the underwater world is like? Grand Turk is a great place to try scuba diving!

Let one of our PADI Instructors teach you the fundamentals and guide you on an actual dive underwater. This tour requires two participants to reserve and we put a maximum of four students with one instructor. You will start by meeting with your instructor to learn a some basic dive theory and how to use all your scuba diving gear. Then you will go to some shallow water (about 5 feet) with a sandy bottom and practice a few skills, in order to get used to everything. Once everyone is comfortable in shallow water, you get to go on a real dive to coral reef and the wall, under the supervision of your instructor.

The trip cost is $275 per person for a single guided dive or $310 per person for two guided dives, including tanks, weights, instruction, and rental equipment. Wetsuits are optional, but are available for rent at the price of $10 per person. Our equipment has a weight limit of 250 pounds per person. Please note that you are not a certified diver following a Resort Course.

It is very important to remember that Scuba diving is an outdoor sport and a physical activity which can be strenuous at times. In order to participate in scuba diving, a person must maintain a reasonable level of health and fitness and certain medical issues must be considered. Please review the PADI Medical form so that you may discuss with your physician if necessary.

Prerequisites: Minimum participant age of 10 years old and a PADI Medical Form completed prior to arrival.

Cost: $275 (single tank dive) or $310 (two tank dive).