Meet the Potcakes

When you visit Blue Water Divers there is a pretty good chance you will come across one of our potcakes. Potcakes are a breed of dog local to the Turks and Caicos as well as the Bahamas. “Potcake” is the term for the crunchy bit that forms in the bottom and at the sides in a pot of peas n’ rice. Traditionally, locals would toss the potcake out for the dogs to eat, until eventually the term “potcake” became synonymous with the dogs themselves. Potcakes are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and their tendency to regard the entire island as their back yard.

Blue Water Divers supports the Grand Turk chapter of the TCSPCA as well as Potcake Place, another local non-profit. There are no veterinarians residing on the island of Grand Turk. Our local non-profit organizations are essential to the organization of regular spay/neuter and animal wellness clinics. We are thankful for the many volunteer vets. They donate their time and energy to visit Grand Turk and help our potcakes. They also care for the donkeys, horses, cows, etc. which you may also see roaming around the island! We are also thankful for those visitors who volunteer as “puppy carriers” to bring potcake puppies on their flight home. This enables them to reach their adoptive parents. Our visitors have been charmed by this unique breed time and time again!

Just like us, they will be very happy to meet you!