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Scuba Diving on Grand Turk - Click a dive flag for info!
It is no secret that the best scuba diving is usually found off the beaten path and Grand Turk has some of the most pristine wall diving in the world.

The Turks & Caicos Islands are located at the south tip of the Bahamas. Only 90 miles straight north of Hispaniola, we are often sheltered from adverse winds and offer good diving conditions year round. Blue Water Divers offers PADI instruction, a great referral program, and some of the best sites for photography!
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Grand Turk has more than 25 permanently moored sites located in the Columbus National Park, just minutes from your resort doorstep. Since the wall is only a quarter mile offshore, boat rides are usually ten minutes to the reef, with lush and pristine dive sites along the wall. Our sites usually start at 25-30 feet over white sandy bottoms and the wall plunges down more than 7000 feet.  Summer water temperature are in the mid 80's. Winter water temperatures are in the mid-high 70's.

Summer diving brings perfect water conditions. The water is teeming with life from plankton to pelagic. The walls here are renowned for amazing diversity of hard and soft corals. Sponge growth is also prolific, and overall the reef system is incredibly lush and healthy. Tunnels, arches, undercuts, outcrops...all the sites have their own special predominant features that create a special variety and magic all their own.


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